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Adroit Consultancy is group promoted by qualified professionals from Medico legal, Medical & Legal fields. The object of formation of our firm is to provide need-based services to our valued clients.

Medico legal field is one such field that has never been centre stage in field of medicine, due to the lack of expertise in this field. Until few years, not many would have thought that we doctors would have to face medico legal problems. Even the so called developing countries are also influenced by Westernization. With this changing scenario, doctors have to adapt to the situation and may have to face such legal tangles, which is intangible and disturbing sometimes.

Our advisors are well qualified, knowledgeable and have been providing timely advice to Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Insurance Companies i.e. LIC & GIC for more than a decade in various capacities.

However, for the first time, all the advisors has come together hand in hand to provide specialized service. The formation of Adroit Consultancy is a step towards a great mission.

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