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Lawyers defending in Consumer cases, Civil & Criminal matter come across medical and medicolegal documents that, requires expert guidance and proper interpretation to put forth strong defense in any legal forum. Adroit Consultancy with the help of their advisors provide their expertise in helping lawyers in defending cases

Following are the services for lawyers

  1. Opinion in Civil & Criminal Matters
    1. Opining on various medical documents like Death certificate, medical fitness & sickness certificates etc for any matter under question.
    2. Opining on out patient & in patient clinical documents and various investigation reports in medico legal matters.
    3. Helping lawyers to prepare questionnaires for cross-examination in defending the case.
    4. Opining on various medico legal certificates & documents for e.g.
      1. Postmortem report, Inquest & Panchanama report, chemical analysis & histopathology report.
      2. Injury certificate.
      3. Age certificate.
      4. Medico legal examination of a victim in a case of alleged rape.
      5. Medico legal examination of an accused in a case of alleged rape.
      6. Alcohol or any other intoxication certificate.
  2. Opinion in Consumer court matters related to medical practice (only for defending doctors)
    1. Guiding lawyers in interpretation of various medical terminologies pertaining to a matter under question.
    2. Helping and guiding lawyers in defending consumer cases by providing expert opinion related to a particular field.
    3. c.Guiding lawyers for searching references from medical textbooks, peer reviewed journals, periodicals and Internet to make a strong defense for any matter under question.
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